Nolle Prossed?


Simply put, Nolle Prossed means 'no prosecution'. It means that the legal case is dismissed but it does not mean that it cannot be refiled as a case. It is usually used on major criminals so that the case can be postponed and more incriminating evidence can be brought up later on.
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The term, nolle prossed, is a Latin phrase that refers to a request from the Commonwealth and means the phrase to be unwilling to pursue.
It is derived form a Latin phrase ( Nolle Prosequi. = No prosecution) and describes a decision/action taken by the prosecutor when they choose not to prosecute a case.
Latin: Nolle prossere - we will not press (the case). The DA declines to pursue the case. Can happen for any number of reasons. For instance, if the evidence is marginal, the DA can
Nolle Prossed is the same as Nolle prosequi, which means, in a criminal case, that the District Attorney's office is not going to pursue the criminal charges further. This can happen
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The meaning of nolle prossed is when a lawsuit is dismissed. If you translate the word nolle prossed it translates to no prosecution. During a nolle prossed the ...
Nolle Prossed is a term for rejected, dismissed or rejected depending upon that case. To have your checks nolle prossed is to have them rejected. The legal term ...
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