How Do I Get Instructions for a Noma Et525c Timer?


When one purchases a NOMA ET525C Outdoor timer it should come with a user manual. This is a manual and instructions on how to set and use the timer. However, if one didn't get the manual or can not find it, these instructions can be found on various websites such as
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Me again, I can't seem to get the attachment to attach. So go to the sit, then to outdoor timers find the ET525C and by the picture of it there is a dropdown bar and click on downloads
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Here is access to the instruction manual for this timer. I think you'll find it very helpful.….
No, there are no instructions on how to build the timer.
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Here is is: Or is this it: ...
There are several types of Noma timers, and would need specifics on which one you need instructions for. General instructions are to plug in what you are powering ...
Noma indoor timers are perfect for lamps, holiday lights, and fans. Noma timers feature one polarized outlet, up to 20 program settings, and 140 on/off settings ...
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