What are some nonacidic drinks?


Non acidic drinks are the beverages that do no contain any acidic acid. Non acidic drinks include juices made from fresh coconut, sour cherries, or unripened bananas. Examples of acidic drinks include sodas, wine, juices, coffee, and citrus fruits. Non acidic vegetable drinks include homemade tomato juice. You can add some greens to the tomato juice such as lettuce and parsley to create a hearty non acidic drink. Other vegetables that are non acidic include celery, carrot, and garlic.
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You can achieve the proper pH balance between acidity and alkalinity by controlling the concentration of hydrogen ions in your system. This can be achieved by consuming the proper
Non-acidic foods: Alfalfa, Asparagus, Barley, Grass, Green Beans, Beets,
a non-acid fruit is a fruit that does not have acid in it.
Not medical advice: There aren't many non-acidic soups out there. You will more than likely have to make your own soups in order to get rid of any acid. For example, tomatoes already
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