Non Barking Dog Breeds?


Non barking dog breeds are very rare except for one breed known as the African Barkless Dog or a Basenji. This non barking breed has a differently shaped voice box than other dogs, which causes it to make a sound more like a yodel than a bark. These barkless dogs can only breed once per year.
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The closest thing to a non-barking dog is African Basenji, which makes a grumbling gurgling noise. The Borzois rarely bark. They can't breed completely non-barking dogs because it is the nature of dogs to bark.
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How horrible! Barking is super natural and necessary to a dog. They'd have to't-they-bree...
Originally from Africa, the Basenji is a medium-sized dog, weighing approximately 20-25 pounds, with a reddish, black or brindle coat, fox-like face and ears. Basenjis do not bark
the rare African "schmaugal" hound is the only reported dog that cannot physically bark due to a degenerative defect in their DNA which causes ALL of them to be born with
the basenji. African hunting dog. they yodel. hahaha soo much better O_O.….
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