Non Economic Factors?


Non-economic factors include religion, ethnicity and social interactions. These factors do no have a direct effect on a country's economy. Some political activities are also considered non-economic factors.
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The worshiping of religious figures by members of a community have no direct effect on the economy of the country. By taking part in religious activities, people merely exercise their
I belive it has something to do with the enviroment
Noneconomic: wars, the policies of whichever political party happens to be in office, natural disasters, generational shift, change in the makeup of the family, anything that is purely
Socio-economic factors always contribute to riots. You rarely see stockbrokers and executives throwing bricks at shop windows. But while socio-economic factors may partially. explain
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What Are Non Economic Factors?
All factors in a country have particular economic impacts.The non-economic factors present in a society are the elements which have no direct effect upon the economy of the country. Such factors are a variety of social features --- religion, ethnicity... More »
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