Non Gender Specific Names?


Non gender specific names are names that cut across both the male and female gender. Some of these names include Parker, Jordan, Jessie, Angel, Elliot and Taylor among many others.
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Casey, Jamie, Francis, Alex, and Ashton are five non-gender specific names. ChaCha again soon
This isn't particular to social sites -- the singular "they" is as old as modern English and is accepted in British English, though not in standard written North American
Pat is a nickname for Patrick or Patricia. Terry is for Terrence or Teresa. Chris is for Christopher or Christine. So they aren't gender non-specific names. Lesley, however, would
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Non gender specific names are names that can be used by both female and male gender. For example Kim, Kelly, Taylor, Casey and Alex are gender specific names. ...
Having the name as well as a potential name change has both pros and cons. First, the current name, Salesforce, is both recognizable because of ...
The meaning of the name Xiuhcoatl is' weapon of destruction'. This name is given to both boys and girls and has no gender specifications. Xiuhcoatl is a name that ...
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