Non Living Things in the Ocean?


There are many non-living things found in the ocean. These include sand, rocks, litter, and man-made items like ships.
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The sun and wind - both draw moisture off of the oceans.
Many of the world's coral reefs exist in tropical ocean areas, as coral need tropical or sub-tropical temperatures to live. Coral thrives in the warm water of the tropics. Coral are
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Lightning rarely strikes water and oceanic areas. If lightning does strike water, it most likely strikes near Florida in the Atlantic Ocean [1] When lightning strikes the ocean or
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Some of the living things in the ocean are mammals, fish and, zoo plankton. Examples of mammals in the ocean would be walruses, seals, sea otters, whales, and ...
Since any ecosystem is made up of both living and non living elements, you will find many non living things in the rain forest. Example include the soil, rocks ...
Non-living things in the desert are rain, rock, soil, sunlight and air while living things are like camel also known as ship of desert and xerophytic plants like ...
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