Non Silicate Minerals?


A non silicate mineral is one that does not have the silica tetrahedron. The majority of these are know as the native elements. They are those chemical formulae consisting of one element.
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This link has a lot of examples of non silicate minerals, including: hematite,
Minerals that do not contain the silica tetrahedra.
C. "Silicate" from the siliceous compounds SiO or SiO2. stop cheating on homework/exams and good luck.
Metallic minerals would include copper, gold, silver. Non-metallic minerals would include quartz, feldspar, mica, and calcite.
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The two major groups of minerals is silicate and nonsilicate minerals. Silicate mineral contain Silicate groupings. Non-silicate minerals do not contain silicate ...
Non-silicate minerals are minerals which do not contain a combination of silicon and oxygen, as silicate minerals do. They are classified into seven major classes ...
A mineral is an inorganic solid that occurs naturally and has definite chemical composition. Building block of silicate minerals is the silicon-oxygen tetrahedron ...
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