How do you fix a non-system disk or a disk error on a computer?


The non-system disk error is because of a corruption in your operating system. You can fix it by repairing the boot loader using a repair disk. You can also start the PC in recovery mode and issue the command 'fixmbr' on the command prompt. For more fixes, visit .
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1. Turn off the computer using the computer power switch. Eject the disk from the floppy drive. 2. Turn on the computer. Wait for the Windows 95 start screen to come up. The error
Hard Drive Problem or CMOS boot order error.
boot.ini contains the information for the partition where NT is installed to and where it should be booted from. ntldr is loaded before the boot.ini is read. After the boot.ini has
If you get a Non System Disk Error it means your hard
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