Norco 10 325?


The price can vary from one place to the other. It is available in the form of tablets containing 10mg of hydrocodone and 325 of acetaminophen. Its price is $5 per tablet.
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norco 10-325 is a vicodin with 10mg of hydrocodone and 325 of acetaminophen.
Norco 10/325 is an an opioid analgesic and antitussive pill which is yellow in color, ov.
Not me. It's addictive. ^^
Not Medical Advice: Taking twice the amount prescribed of Norco can be considered an overdose. Symptoms of overdose includes cold, clammy skin, slow heart rate.
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M367 is Hydrocodone. Yes, it is generic Norco. It contains 325 mg of Tylenol and 10 mg of Hydrocodone. The M is for Mallickrodt. They manufacture several generic ...
The difference is the amount of acetaminophen (Tylenol) in each pill. The yellow ones are known as Norcos, I am ALMOST positive that they ALWAYS have 325 mgs of ...
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