How to Tighten the Belt on a Nordictrack Walkfit?


To tighten the belt on a NordicTrack Walkfit treadmill locate the bolts on the rear on either side of the belt. Using an Allen wrench turn the bolts quarter turn clockwise. Put your hand between the belt and the deck of the treadmill to test the tightness of the belt. If still too loose tighten the bolts again.
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I have a 'nordic track walkfit classic' manual treadmill. I have been having a lot of trouble keeping the belt moving when I try walking. I do not have the owners manual, but in searching
1. Try to realign the treadmill belt. If the belt seems too far to the left, put your left foot on the ground and your right foot on the left-hand side of the belt. Rotate it several
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A used nordic track c2300 is generally worth around $450. You
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To flip the walking deck on a NordicTrack treadmill, attach the safety key's lanyard to your waistband., use the Allen wrench to remove the two bolts fixed interior ...
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