Norman Rockwell Lithograph Values?


The value of a Norman Rockwell lithograph will depend on certain factors. The condition of the piece is one important factor. Whether it is signed or not is another and the demand for it is yet another.
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Lewis & Bond Fine Art has hundreds of such lithograps for sale. They request you call them for current prices. See link below.
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If the page doesn't translate, just type in his name for two pages of auction results:….
A classic Rockwell collector plate entitled "Waiting on the Shore" is worth $29.99 at Issued: 1982.
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A Norman Rockwell back to school collector plate in the original box is selling for $12.95 on eBay,however the value is comparable. You can visit other websites ...
i will give you a 10000000000 dollars for it my phone number is 1 709 258 6285 ...
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