What is the Norton toolbar?


The Norton Toolbar is an Internet security toolbar that installs along with Norton Internet Security and Norton 360. The toolbar's features include protection from phishing, website authentication, login and password saving, encrypted personal information storage and automated form filling.

The toolbar displays Web page security status, alerting users to potentially malicious sites. It also automatically authenticates Web pages, ensuring that sites handling sensitive information like banking and shopping are safe for users. Norton's Identity Safe feature safely stores all logins and passwords for frequently visited sites, and with user permission can automatically fill in personal information into Web forms, making browsing and online shopping more convenient. The Norton Toolbar also encrypts personal information like credit card numbers and contact information, keeping private data safe.

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1. Open a Web browser and navigate to the Norton Safe Web site (see Resources) 2. Click the button reading "Download Norton Safe Web Lite. 3. Double-click the download on your
1. Click the Tools menu. Ad. 2. Click Add-ons. 3. Click below the scroll box on the scroll bar until you see Yahoo Toolbar. AVG Security toolbar, or Norton Security Toolbar. 4. Click
If the toolbar installed without any compatibility issues then you could try reviewing it in Firefox for a better visibility. Firefox 5 and below, goto View > Toolbars then check
Yes I have this Problem too, it is a Problem. This Problem is made by Norten. You can deaktivate Norten Plugin and reactivat it again, the Toolbar come up back again, but only as
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How to Get the Norton Toolbar
The Norton toolbar is a part of the Norton 360 software package, so you cannot install or download it separately. The toolbar offers a layer of security to your Internet browser by protecting you from entering fake and hazardous websites. It also safely... More »
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Norton is a suite of Internet security tools that are created by the Symantec Corporation. Many people experience missing the Norton toolbar from their browser ...
To reinstall Norton tool bar, Place your mouse cursor on the grey toolbar, Right-click anywhere on the toolbar. A menu appears that includes options such as menu ...
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