Nose Discoloration?


There are several reasons that someone may experience discoloration or darkening of the skin, particularly on the nose. Some common causes include side effects of various medications, age spots, freckles, pregnancy, and several diseases and conditions. A common condition known as rosacea is known to turn the area across the nose and cheeks a bright red due to the dilation of small blood vessels in the skin. Rosacea is a chronic illness that can cause permanent damage, discoloration, and papules to the face.
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Usually when a nose appears bulbous and purple, it is the sign of the most extreme stage of a chronic condition called rosacea. This stage is called rhinophyma, and it is important
ruptured capularies alcohal molicules are to big.
Cat's noses will peel much like people's skin does, although it
Could be skin cancer, or just a pigment issue. Please ask your vet.
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According to WebMD, there are eight causes of the blue discoloration of the nose listed. The eight causes of the blue discoloration of the nose are cold weather, ...
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