Nose Piercing Healing?


The healing process of a nose piercing should not be rushed. Some people take longer to heal than others and the process can sometimes take several weeks or months. Signs of an infection include pain, redness or swelling, green or yellow discharge, or a fever. If any of these occur, you should see a doctor or contact your piercing professional for guidance. Keeping the piercing clean and covered while sleeping are two things you can do to ensure a safe healing process. Always be sure your hands are washed well before cleaning or touching the area. Only use cleansing products suggested or provided by your piercing professional.
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With proper care a nose piercing should heal in 8 to 10 weeks. One can do several things to aid in the healing process by, cleaning the area with a saline solution, removing any crust
Go to a professional piercer who is licensed. Even if you are more brave, it's so easy to wind up with an infection and pay more in the long run one way or another.
it is difficult to tell, i have had mine done for over half a year. and if i take mine out for a day or two, i need to stick an earring in it to pierce the skin on the inside of my
Nose piercings can take from between six and twelve weeks to heal. Need
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Nose piercing is one of the most common varieties of piercing after earlobe piercing. Nose pierces healing period may last from 10 to 12 weeks. It is advisable ...
For a nose to heal from a piercing, it may take about 4 to 6 weeks. You should not change your piercing for at least 6 weeks, until it completely heals. ...
1. Keep in mind that irritations and even small infections are a normal part of the healing process. Nose piercings frequently take as long as eight months to ...
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