Not Eligible for Rehire?


Some reasons you may want to leave a job include moving on to a better opportunity, relocating, or having the opportunity to do something you really love. Being happy at work is important. It's never wise to burn bridges because you never know when you may need to cross them. This is why you want to make sure that you are eligible for rehire when you leave a job as well as during the time of your employment. Good attendance, coexistence with coworkers, and knowing and following company policy are all things that can leave you in good standing with a company when leaving for another opportunity. Many companies have a written policy regarding rehire policy. You should know this and try to follow the guidelines during your employment to ensure you won't be marked not eligible for rehire when you leave.
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Just ask the personnel department.
Let's look at this from the employer's perspective, shall we? We already have yours, so it's their turn now. You abandoned your shift and walked off the job. It doesn't really matter
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Sorry, but that information is not available. You may call them at 1-888-967-5877 to inquire about your eligibility for rehire. report this answer. Updated on Sunday, February 05
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