Notary Public in My Area?


Most county clerk offices, libraries, and banks have at least one Notary Public on staff. A local accounting office is another location for finding one. If you are not able to find a Notary Public in any public service locations, you can search your local phone directory for one in your area. A Notary Public serves as a sworn witness to your signature on legal documents or documents that require a witness to be present when signed. Most of the time a Notary Public will provide services free of charge to customers or members of the community. If they do not, the fee is typically very minimal.
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1. Check your local bank. All banks typically have a notary public on the premises. You usually don't need to have an account to use the services of the notary public, but you may
1. Take and pass the notary public exam. The exams are given by the state of New York. You can pick up a notary packet from the Rockland County Clerk's Office or download it from
1. Fill out the application form (see References) Enter your name, address, date of birth and report any convictions or felonies you have been charged with in your life. You must
In the state of New York, notaries public are commissioned by the secretary of state, and may perform private work or be employed at a city office or private business. In order to
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478 Elden St, Herndon, VA
(703) 435-6400
673 Potomac Station Dr, Leesburg, VA
(703) 669-0500
11654 Plaza America Dr, Reston, VA
(703) 437-9300
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To find a notary public, go online where you will find a list of notaries around your area. Alternatively, you can look them up in the directory as they are listed ...
Passing a notary public exam offers certification and the ability to license as a notary public. A notary public is able to validate official and legal documents ...
The level of Notary Public fees are not fixed or set by the Faculty Office. Subsequently, each Notary Public practice is free to determine what it considers to ...
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