Notice to Remove Personal Property?


Different states have different laws about giving proper notice to remove personal property. Removal of personal property can be necessary for several reasons including abandonment. If a tenant leaves a rental unit without taking all of their personal property, a landlord has to give proper notice before removing it unless a lease agreement was in place. The same rule holds true for people who rent storage facilities and then stop paying the bill. The usual process is that a certified letter is sent to the last known address and a public notification of intent to remove, sell, or auction off is posted in a newspaper.
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1. Serve the tenant with written notice 30 to 45 days in advance of the date to vacate. Ask the tenant to leave for the reasons stated in your letter. You or a server must hand deliver
Depends on the state.
I would write her a letter certified. Telling her that she has thirty days to pick up the stuff- after that you will not be responsible for it if it disappears. Then I would donate
You sue. I am guessing there are some facts missing from your post that would need to be identified to round out the facts, but based on your post, your LL has committed a serious
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