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A notice to vacate is a legal and binding written request that is given by a landlord to a tenant as a request to vacate their property. A landlord may choose to have the request served to the tenant through use of a process server as proof that the notice was served and received. If a tenant does not follow the landlord's request to vacate the property by the date requested, the landlord has legal rights to move forward with an eviction process. Laws on eviction vary by state. Some states may allow an officer of the law to physically remove you and your property form a rental property of a request to vacate is not followed.
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A 30-day notice to vacate is either written by the tenant or the landlord to indicate intention of leave the premises by the end of the 30-day period. In addition, it may be written
1. Review your state and local residential tenancy laws. Each state has differing rules for evicting tenants after purchasing a property. Although almost all states require some form
what is the diffrence between a notice to vacate and a eviction.
every company is different, I have worked at places that require a one year notice do what they ask is all you can do
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