Nouns That Stay the Same Singular and Plural?


There are many nouns whose forms don't change between singular and plural. There are the well-known ones: fish, moose, deer, sheep, salmon, police, and pants. Less recognized are the following: aluminum, headquarters, education, furniture, species, correspondence, and binoculars. 
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Examples of nouns with the same form for singular and plural: advice. aircraft. aluminum. archives. binoculars. bison. chalk. concrete. correspondence. counsel. deer. education. elk
1. Check if the word you're wondering about ends with an "s, because most plural nouns do. However, not all nouns ending is "s" are plural, so if you do see an "
bison. corps. fowl. halibut. jeans. moose. offspring. pike. premises (in the sense of land/buildings, not propositions/axioms) salmon. scissors. series. shambles. sheep. status. swine
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There are a number of plural words that stay the same as singular. Some of these are bass, moose, sheep and elk. Others include stuff, air, caribou and more. ...
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