How Can Nuclear Power Effect Environment?


Nuclear power is generated through a technique called nuclear fission, which in turn generates heat and electricity. In 2007, there were 439 known nuclear power reactors worldwide. Nuclear power can have a negative effect on the environment through polluted water, and the amount of fuel it consumes.
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effects of nuclear power: nuclear fission or fussion emitts harmfull radiations like beta rays gamma rays uv rays these rays causes skin cancer many skin diseases and longer exposer
Negative effects can be seen before ground has been broken for the construction of a nuclear power plant. For the government, investors and policy makers, the decision to implement
It is only harmful if there is a problem with the reactor and
It is too early to know all the consequences of this accident, but so far it looks unlikely that a serious radioactive contamination will happen. To the best of my knowledge the containment
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Some negative effects of Nuclear power plants are:the heat rejected by the plant into nearby water causes problems for some wild life, especially fish. The increased ...
Nuclear power can be used to run large vehicles. It can also be used in chemotherapy treatment. It could also be used in generation of x-rays in hospitals and ...
Nuclear power affects the environment in a way that the nuclear power heats up the environment including the water bodies causing the environment to heat up. Nuclear ...
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