Number of Bones in a Human Hand?


There are 27 bones in a human hand, 14 of them are the phalanges, the carpus or wrist account for 8 and the metacarpus or palm contains 5 which make up a total of 27 bones. The reason why hands have a number of bones is because they are the main structures for physically manipulating the environment, used for both gross motor skills (such as grasping a large object) and fine motor skills.
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metacarples maybe.
The human hand contains 27
Not Medical Advice: There are 27 bones in the human hand. In addition, a human body has 206 bones.
The eight carpal bones are collectively known as the Carpus, or wrist. Most people think that their wrist is where their watch sits but is more towards the lower section of the palm
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The bones of the hand consist of eight carpal bones (wrist), five metacarpals (palm), and fourteen phalanges (fingers) for a total of 27 bones.
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