Number of Cases on a Beer Pallet?


The number of cases on a beer pallet really determines where you're located and in which country. For example, in Australia, there are 60 cases on one beer pallet. These 60 cases are usually formed in 6 to 7 layers.
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For stubbies (330 - 375 ml bottles) Some pallets of beer (at least in Australia) use layers of ten cases stacked up to 6 layers high which is most common so 60 cases. Occasionally
A pallet of beer has approx 120 cases.
1. Check the case box for an expiration date. Look at the bottom, sides and top of the box for either a "Best Before" date, "Packaged On" date or "Sell By
On a regular pallet, stacked in a standard fashion, there are 72 cases of beer.
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You need to look for the best before date in order to tell expired beer by the number of the case. If there is a generic number on this case, then there is no ...
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