Numbness around Lips?


If you experience numbness around your lips, there are several things that can cause this that range from mild to serious. Numbness in the lips is called paresthesia and usually is caused by something affecting sensory nerves in the lips. Exposure to the cold, side effects of medication, and mild allergic reactions can cause lips to feel numb. Neuropathy or nerve damage may be a cause of the condition. Lip numbness can be a symptom of a life-threatening condition and if other symptoms including wheezing and difficulty breathing are present, you should seek medical help immediately.
Q&A Related to "Numbness around Lips"
There are so many things that could cause this. It can be a nerve issue that requires your neck to be popped, it could be a mild allergic reaction to a food or product you are using
1. Exfoliate your face to wash away excess dirt and dead skin. Be especially careful, as the lip area is very sensitive. Exfoliating will help expose the blackhead(s) and make removal
1 If you're using any stick or tin lip balm/gloss, cease use immediately. Many people find that stick lip balms or gloss can become infected with the same gunk that causes your acne
Numbness usually arises from damage or disease of
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