How do you get rid of a numb mouth after a dentist appointment?


The primary way to get rid of a numb mouth after seeing the dentist is to just wait for the feeling to come back. However, if you wish to speed up the process, you can try massaging the area or slowly and carefully eating something soft, such as yogurt.
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After a strenuous visit to the dentist, your mouth can stay numb for up to two hours. A numb mouth can become quite frustrating if you start to get hungry or try to carry on a conversation
isn't it a lemon. I think it is.
1. Wash your face with warm water (to open pores) Ad. 2. Get lemon juice (Try to use real lemon, but you can use the lemon juice bottle) 3. Get a sugar (organic will be better if
Novacaine is what most dentist use to numb the mouth or gums when they fill cavities
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