What causes your right pointer and thumb fingers to go numb?


According to MedlinePlus, a common cause of numbness of the thumb and index finger is carpal tunnel syndrome, a medical condition that occurs when the median nerve in the wrist is compressed. In addition to numbness in the fingers, carpal tunnel syndrome sometimes causes weakness, tingling and even muscle damage in the affected fingers and hand.

According to MedlinePlus, the median nerve supplies nerve impulses to the palm, thumb, index finger, middle finger and inner aspect of the ring finger. The narrow space where this nerve enters the hand from the wrist is called the carpal tunnel, which is why compression of the nerve is known as carpal tunnel syndrome. Most common in people between the ages of 30 and 60, carpal tunnel syndrome is thought to be caused by repetitive motion of the hand and wrist. Additionally, frequent use of vibrating power tools sometimes damages the nerve. Other contributing factors are alcohol abuse, bone fractures, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, cysts or tumors in the wrist, infections and fluid retention.

Treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome vary. According to WebMD, stopping the activity that is believed to be causing the problem sometimes alleviates the symptoms. Additionally, some people get relief from wearing a wrist splint. Over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) and physical therapy, such as stretching, ultrasound and range of motion exercises also help some people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. However, some individuals require prescription medications such as oral corticosteroids or corticosteroid injections into the carpal tunnel to get relief. If the syndrome persists despite conservative treatment or if nerve damage is suspected, surgery is an option as well.

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