Numbness on the Tip of Your Tongue?


What are the causes of tip of the tongue numbness? Numbness on the tip of the tongue is an indication that there may be a problem with the nervous system. Damage to the nervous system can be linked to ill dental health and conditions that negatively affect the brain.
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I deleted the inappropriate entry to your question. I don't have answers to your question, but we could all do without that.
It could be many things ,blood pressure dropping,anxiety,I am not a nurse or anything in the medical field, just speaking from others.
1. Understand that a lack of steady blood flow to any area can cause a loss of sensation. Unfortunately, a lack of bloody supply is not always caused by simply remaining in one position
A Vitamin B12 deficiency could make the tongue feel numb. Reply
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You take your tongue and place the tip of it at the top of the roof of your mouth. Then you try to make a noise with your mouth this will create vibrating with ...
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