Who created Numbrix puzzles?


Marilyn vos Savant, a feature author of Parade magazine created Numbrix puzzles. She was also included in Guinness World Book of Records under the Highest IQ category. The famous Numbrix puzzles has three difficulty levels that the players can chose from.
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The objective of Numbrix is to fill the grid so that each cell contains digits in
Fill in all the blanks in numerical order using 1-81. So like. 1. blank 2. 3.
because they're fun and they keep the brain occupied.
They have several puzzle games that you might enjoy. Pic-a-PiX. Link-a-PiX. Fill-a-PiX. Maze-a-PiX. Dot-a-PiX. Soduku. Kakuro. Battleships. Hitori. Slitherlink. Hashi.
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Numbrix puzzles are grids that have some missing numbers. The main aim is to fill the grids with numbers. The numbers have to follow a particular sequential order.
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Numbrix are number puzzles that requirennparticipants to use the numbers one through 64. They are often seennnas traditional paper puzzles and are a competitor ...
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