Nurse Giving Injection?


Part of the job duties of a nurse is giving an injection to patients. An injection is when a nurse uses a syringe to insert liquid into the body of a patient. A nurse giving injections can include vaccines in children, flu shots, and antibiotics. A nurse learns how to give injections as part of their studies. They need to know whether injections are to go in the muscle of the patient. They also need to know how to select the injection site and where the proper site is.
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Health careers are growing rapidly and nursing is a considerable part of the health care equation. Anti-aging aesthetics is also an expanding field that parallels health care. Being
Pinch a inch of skin up between your fingers. With the bevel (hole in end of needle) facing up, gently slide the needle into the skin, at a 45 degree angle. When you feel you have
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1. Know the parts of a syringe. It'll be much easier to administer a shot if you understand the mechanics behind what you're doing. Syringes have 3 main parts: the needle, barrel
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