Nurses in WW1?


At the onset of WW1 there were 403 women on active duty in the Army Nurse Corps, which was founded in 1901. The military nurses got to Europe before the American Expeditionary Forces arrived. In 1908 the Navy Nurse Corps were founded with 406 members and grew to 1,386 members that served in Guam, the Virgin Islands, Samoa, the Philippines, Haiti, and stateside. In field hospitals in Europe there were over 325 serving. Overseas nurses faced cold, raw weather, long hours of work, shortages of water, and little time off or privacy.
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The conditions were harsh and nasty.
Nearly 13,000 women enlisted in the Navy and the Marine Corps, many of them
in hospitals behind the line. Women were generally kept away from the action, so they had less chance of being killed. Generally, a battle casualty would receive first aid from a
Nurses and the U.S. Navy. Overview and Special Image Selection.…. "Nursing, in the sense of bedside attendance of the sick and
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