How should you write a nurse application letter?


The Advance Healthcare Network for Nurses recommends that a nurse application letter indicate talents, goals, accomplishments and other important elements related to an open position. Instead of submitting a generic version, an applicant must customize his cover letter, discuss what he can do for the facility and proofread for errors.

The Advance Healthcare Network for Nurses warns that a cover letter must never start with the generic "Dear Sir or Madam." It is crucial to find and use the hiring manager’s name, which is likely found on the facility’s official website or through LinkedIn. Additionally, an application letter must be unique to the position and company and not simply an all-purpose letter that is sent to many employers. To stand out, it helps to write a personalized introduction that states where an applicant found the job posting. The applicant must also explain his main reason for applying for the position. The Advance Healthcare Network for Nurses emphasizes the importance of highlighting a person’s successes and talents relevant to the specific position desired.

According to the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, a cover letter must be clear, brief, warm and personal. An applicant should carefully proofread for any grammatical or spelling errors. The letter must be typed neatly, using the same paper as the resume. For easy follow-up, it helps to keep copies of all correspondence.

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