What is a nursing care plan for hypothermia?


A nursing care plan for hypothermia includes monitoring vital signs, electrolytes and environmental temperature and utilizing blankets, warm intravenous fluids, heated oral fluids and warm heat lamps, according to Nursing Library. Hypothermia is when the human body drops below a core temperature of 95 F. Symptoms of hypothermia include shivering, slow reflexes, increased heart rate, cool skin and hypertension.

Registered Nurse RN explains medical professionals monitor the patient's heart rate and blood pressure every 15 minutes. The temperature is taken every hour, and any figure less than 95 F is reported to doctors for further direction. Nurses administer warming intravenous fluids, blankets or other warming methods to raise body temperature per doctor's orders. Room temperatures are monitored every two hours and are kept between 70 and 74 F.

Before developing a care plan for hypothermia, nurses need to know how to identify hypothermia symptoms, be able to determine who is at risk for the disorder, be familiar with warming procedures and understand thermal regulation in the human body. NursingTimes.net reveals a care plan includes knowing risk factors for hypothermia, including age, malnourishment, inadequate shelter, exposure to cold temperatures, burns, alcoholism, underlying illness and overdosing. Patients under the influence of general anesthesia experience some level of heat loss during surgery due the temperature of the operating room.

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