Nursing Care Plan for Hypothermia?


A nursing care plan can be done by first focusing on ways to solve a particular problem, future interventions which need to be explained throughout the course. Look for guidelines on nursing care plan, check in libraries for journal and books which could be of great help in writing the plan. Nursing care plan for hypothermia is mainly done when body temperature falls below the normal. The nurse could note underlying cause, wrap patient in warm blankets raise the room temperature, give warm drinks if client can swallow and finally immerse hands and feet in warm water.
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To learn how to write a nursing care plan, visit a college with a nursing library and check out nursing books or journals. There you would find what you need to write a care plan.
1. Nurses gather pertinent information by performing a physical assessment and asking the patient questions about his condition. Gather information needed to form nursing diagnoses.
eww grose why dont u ask a docter. #2 answ: Because diarrhea can becaused from anything from a bacterial infection to food poisoning to colon cancer, a doctor should be consulted
1 Gather information. Read the patient's chart, browse the latest diagnostic/laboratory results and note significant values affecting patient's condition. Familiarize yourself with
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