Nursing Care Plan for Postpartum Patient?


The nursing care plan for postpartum patients depends on the type of birth one has undergone. It may be normal or c-section. They offer a nursing diagnosis handbook to guide new mothers.
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1. Assess the patient properly, determining the patient's injury or medical conditions. Assess the vital signs as well as signs of other conditions or medical problems, such as breathing
To learn how to write a nursing care plan, visit a college with a nursing library and check out nursing books or journals. There you would find what you need to write a care plan.
Disturbed thought process related to physiological brain dysfunction/ imbalance neurotransmitter. Impaired verbal communication r/t thought disorder. Disturbed sensory perception
My idea is that they monitor patient weights and lab work, wound care, PT progress and make adjustments in diet (heart healthy, no concentrated sweets) or add a vitamin or protein
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