Nursing Care Plan for Preeclampsia?


Preeclampsia is when pregnant women develop protein in the urine and high blood pressure in the second half of the third trimester of pregnancy. This is also referred to as toxemia or pregnancy-induced hypertension. There are possible causes for preeclampsia but the exact cause is not known. Possible causes include diet, genes, and problems with blood vessels. Being over the age of 35 and obesity can women at a higher risk for the condition. A nursing care plan for preeclampsia includes symptoms, treatments, and tests the patient has had as well as the outlook for the patient.
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1. Nurses gather pertinent information by performing a physical assessment and asking the patient questions about his condition. Gather information needed to form nursing diagnoses.
take a treatment corretly.
1. Gather information. Read the patient's chart, browse the latest diagnostic/laboratory results and note significant values affecting patient's condition. Familiarize yourself with
A nursing care plan outlines the nursing care to be provided to a patient. It is a set
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