What do I need to know about nursing homes?


If a parent or grandparent falls or has a medical diagnosis that prevents them from going home after being released from the hospital, it may be necessary for them to go to a nursing home. This is a hard decision for families and finding the right nursing home is important. Visiting several nursing homes and asking questions helps in choosing the right nursing home for your family member. Making a list of questions to ask is a way to ensure you do not forget to ask important questions about care received, the staff itself, and physical therapy.
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1. Call and ask what time is convenient for you to come for a visit. The staff may provide you with the best times to come when the resident is more receptive to company. You would
When we become older, often times our medical expenses increase dramatically. It's a natural part of life, as you get older your health slowly declines over a long period of time.
1 Decide whether you feel that the environment is good enough for your family to live in when evaluating a nursing home. It should be clean, well lit, and smoke free. Make note of
Medical equipment. A nursing home LPN focuses mostly on quality-of-life care for patients experiencing incurable signs of aging, such as memory and mobility loss. Salary for an LPN.
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Nursing Home Questions
The decision to place a loved one into a nursing home can be very difficult for the family. There are times when we have no choice but to utilize these facilities for the care of our aging parent or grandparent. Before visiting the available nursing... More »
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