Nursing Interventions for Dehydration?


Intervention for dehydration will be to introduce fluids into the body. This is only done with a doctor's orders by the nursing staff. A doctor will decide what to give the patient and how much.
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lots of clear liquid, rest, make sure that your unrinating as usual. if not that could lead to severe dehydration and may need to get iv fluids to get your levels up quicker.
Find a care plan book, pull out your textbook and do your own work! Wouldn't want a student nurse working on me who just went to YA to figure out what to do! Source(s): Nursing student
Radiology is a medical specialty in which imaging technology is examined and used to identify, diagnose and treat diseases. Interventional radiology is a subset of this specialty,
Anemia are a group of blood disorders characterized by too little hemoglobi.
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