Nutritional Value of Cucumbers?


The nutritional value of cucumbers includes carbohydrates and a small amount of fat and protein. Cucumbers also contain a lot of water and a variety of vitamins including vitamins B and C.
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One medium cucumber has 2 percent of the calcium and iron needed for a 2000 calorie diet. Cucumbers contain 10 percent of the vitamin C and 2 percent of the vitamin A needed each
In a 100 g serving of peeled, raw cucumber, there are
The only thing I can think of is that it provide a decent amount of roughage when it is going through your digestive system, other than that I can't think of anything.
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Nutritional value is the nutrients in the product or products. Often the nutritional label will state what vitamins and minerals are in it and how much of each. ...
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The nutritional value of onion consists of vitamin C about 9 mg and carbohydrate around 16 gm. It also has a nutritional value of 48 mg of calcium and 1 gm of ...
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