Nutritional Value of Meat?


The nutritional value of meat may depend on the type or the quality of the meat. Meat is typically high in protein and vitamins. Steak is relatively high in protein, while fish is lower in protein.
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Rabbit meat contains 20.8% protein. Domestically produced rabbit meat
It is high in protein and minerals.
Calcium is important for bones and teeth. Whole milk has approximately 277 mg per eight ounce serving. Milk also contains protein, which is good for muscle repair and growth. It has
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Nutritional value is the nutrients in the product or products. Often the nutritional label will state what vitamins and minerals are in it and how much of each. ...
The nutritional value of onion consists of vitamin C about 9 mg and carbohydrate around 16 gm. It also has a nutritional value of 48 mg of calcium and 1 gm of ...
The nutritional value of a corn on a cob depends on the type of corn. There is white corn and yellow corn. The yellow corn is larger and has more nutritional value ...
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