How Can You Renew Your Nys Security Guard License?


To renew your Security Guard license, you would need to contact New York State Department of State Division of LicensingServices. If you active on the duty, you would receive a renewal form called Form DOS-1246 90 days before the expiration of your duty. You would also have to pay a renewal fee of $25.
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1. Contact the New York State Department of State Licensing Division to request a renewal form.You will need either the DOS-1246 Security Guard Renewal Application or the DOS-1410
In CA, a security guard license (Guard Card" is required for all security guards/officers in the state. In-house and contract guards must all possess this certification to work
Security guards are no law enforcement. They are lowly paid losers. Don't do it.
1. Make sure you have all the proper documents. Ad. 2. Choose a NYS certified training school. Click this link for a list of certified training schools in New York State:
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