What are the objectives of taxation?


Taxation is the levying of tax and money paid as a tax. A tax is a financial charge or other levy imposed on taxpayers by a state or equivalent of a state. It can be a payment exacted by legislative authority. The main objective of taxation is to raise money or revenue for the State or to finance government expenditure. Taxation also helps with regulatory objectives and developmental objectives in economic development. Taxation is used as a means of redistribution of wealth.
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The colonists objected to King George oppressively taxing them to control there exports so they would only export the raw materilas to England. It is similar to the actions of Ney
The government levies taxes to pay for the services it provides. For example, you pay local taxes for your police and fire protection. You pay state taxes for schools. You pay federal
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The key objectives on the revenue front were basically to convey a signal that the Budget marks a move towards the two major tax reform issues that we are committed to, that is, the
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