Oblivion Mods for Xbox 360?


To mod Oblivion on your XBox 360, you will need a USB drive. You will also need to format your XBox 360 to allow the USB to work on it.
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Many people on the internet are going to tell you plain and simply: "You can't. DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM! Believe me it is quite possible. Anyone who says you can't is wrong. It
1. Equip a bow and arrows. The number of arrows you equip will be the number of copies you will make of the item you wish to duplicate. 2. Press and hold the left trigger. This draws
The final chip that the pc gamers have held onto for so long.mods. Nope. Consolers are pretty much stuck with the game as-is unless the dev's release something. If you find something
1 Take apart your X-Box 360 Controller. You will need a Safety-TORX screw driver to do so or a flat headed screw driver. There are 7 screws in total. 6 visible, another, hidden behind
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