Office Breakfast Ideas?


There are many great breakfast foods that are good for an office setting or even for an office party. Some great ideas for an office breakfast are a baked French toast casserole, bread pudding, bacon and egg pie, scones, homemade granola with yogurt, quiche, and strata. For drinks orange juice, coffee, tea, and milk can be used. Make sure to brink plates, bowls, and utensils for the party so everyone will have a way to eat.
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1. Clear away the clutter from your breakfast nook, and move those items to other places in your home. Store any items you do not need. Use the storage space you cleared away to keep
Eggs,grits, bacon, toast, and pancakes. :-)
Edit: This is AirBnB's office. The high backs of these sofas create their own kind of interior environment... perfect for a little privacy. I think being able to "escape"
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