How to Print at a Local Office Depot?


When you enter the office depot, you can ask to speak with a staff member. When you speak with the staff member, you simply let them know that you need to print out something. The staff member will guide you to the printer so that you can begin printing what you need to print out.
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1. Open your email account. Retrieve your confirmation email from your Office Depot purchase to find your order number. 2. Log on the Office Depot website. 3. On the top right, click
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As of early 2013, Office Depot had 1,675 stores*. Once they've merged with Office Max, they'll have a combined 2,575 stores, but have said they will close or sell up to 600 of them.
Office Depot is open 8AM - 9PM Mon-Fri, Sat 9AM - 9PM and Sun 9AM - 6PM. Ph:
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Office Depot is a supplier of office products and services. The company's selection of brand name office supplies includes business machines, computers, computer software and office furniture… More>>
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