How do give an Ogilvie home perm?


You can give an Ogilvie Home Perm by making the individual sit in a low chair. You should secure an old towel around the neck of the person, and part the person's hair into 3 sections. You should then wrap the hair in sections, put the latex gloves on your hands, and follow the directions that accompany the perm kit.
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1. Go to your local mega mart and purchase a home perm kit. These kits come with all the chemicals you will need to perm hair. 2. Set up a spot in your home to do the perm. It is
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The same amount of time as any other perm.
Well You're pretty much stuck with it for a few months. You can get it chemically straightened, but it's really bad for your hair. I used to wash blow dry n straighten my hair at
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