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The Ohio Lottery can be played all over the state of Ohio. The lottery has instant win tickets, Mega Millions, Powerball, Pick 3, and Pick 4. The Ohio lottery has an app that can be downloaded for the lottery. The app will show the numbers that are drawn for each of the lottery prizes such as Powerball, and Pick 4. Tickets can be bought at grocery stores and convenience stores. Ticket prices will vary depending on the ticket purchased. Tickets start at $1.00.
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Latest Ohio Lottery Results
Pick 3 DAY (Sunday, Mar 9) 774
Pick 3 EVE (Sunday, Mar 9) 407
Pick 4 DAY (Sunday, Mar 9) 5003
Pick 4 EVE (Sunday, Mar 9) 5214
Pick 5 DAY (Sunday, Mar 9) 72856
Pick 5 EVE (Sunday, Mar 9) 39191
Rolling Cash 5 (Sunday, Mar 9) 01-04-31-35-36
Classic Lotto (Saturday, Mar 8) 26-30-34-38-39-41
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1. Verify you own the winning jackpot numbers. The winning lottery numbers are generally announced on local television stations, and are also available online at the lottery website
"Odds Are You'll Have Fun" is the slogan for the Ohio Lottery.
According to the Ohio Revised Code 3770.01, Each of the 9 members of the Ohio lottery commission is appointed by the Governor "with the advise and consent of the [Ohio] Senate&
You may visit the 'Ohio Lottery' official website. On the 'Contact Us' page. you will find required contact details. Next, you will be able to get answers. on all your questions.
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The amount of tickets in a roll of Ohio lottery scratch off games is $300. Regardless of the cost of each ticket, the roll would still be worth $300. $1 tickets ...
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