Oil Leak under Car?


If there is an oil spot under the car, the car may be leaking oil. To find a leak, get under the car or truck and look at the oil pan and surrounding areas with a flashlight. The oil leak should be visible. If it isn't, it could be a blown head gasket or other engine problem. One possible way to fix it is to change the oil gasket, and see if the leak is gone. If not, take the car to a mechanic to have it checked out.
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A car runs with two kinds of oil: transmission fluid and engine oil. The transmission fluid helps keep the transmission, gears, differential and clutch (if you have a manual transmission
Because there simply isn't lol. You have to remember that manufacturing equipment and machinery have come a long way as well. Today we have a much greater knowledge of materials and
you can go to any part store and get whats called an over size plug for it,this will re-thread its self and stop the leak,you,ll have to drain the oil first,but that will stop the
First, check the simple stuff. oil pan gasket is starting to go. oil filter came lose. oil pan drain plug came lose or the seal around it. I had this problem with my 1997 neon, initially
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