How much are old bottles worth?


Many factors play a part in determining the value of old bottles. For instance, the age of the bottle, the color of the bottle, the condition of the bottle, like a bottle having the original label or any cracks, if there is any historical significance to the bottle, the design, the demand, the rarity of the bottle, the size, the appeal and what the bottle is made out of. For an accurate value of old bottles take them to an appraiser.
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1. Assess the value of your old Coke bottle by visiting online auctions such as eBay to gauge how much collectors will pay for it. Search for "Coca-Cola" items to compare
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There are hundreds if not thousands of different types of Pepsi bottles out
1 Find a section of river edge that is near a populated area, preferably one that has been inhabited for some number of years. Bottles, although glass, are often surprisingly tough
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