What are old coin banks?


Most old coin banks or piggy banks were used by children to collected coins they found or worked for. Most of these old coin banks were made from metal, cast iron or hard plastic. They came in various shapes, sizes, characters and colors. Many old coin banks were created in the 1950s and were used by adults for a safe place to keep any old coins or coins of value that meant something to them safe.
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1. Choose a bank body. Just about anything can be made into a coin bank, but keep in mind what tools you have to work with. If you have a drill or glass cutters, you can make a metal
Banks don't buy old coins, coin dealers will buy old coins, some jewelry stores will buy old coins, banks will take your old coins at face value and then sell them to coin dealers
There is a Middle English word 'pygg' which refers to a type of clay used for making jars. The term 'pygg bank' therefore referred to a money-holder made of clay. It seems possible
Tyra Banks is 35 years old. and still looks good
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