Why Does My Dog Pace in Circles?


Old dogs tend to pace as they begin to lose their vision and hearing. The dog may also pace if it is suffering from arthritis. In this case, laying down may be uncomfortable.
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Dogs pace for many reasons.nervous, scared, have to potty, close to death, wondering. Dog personalitys are like humans in some ways. utomb.
Snoop Dog who was born as Cordazar Calvin Broadus is currently 38 years old. He was born on October 20, 1971 in Long Beach, California.
Take a trip to the veterinarian to rule out any health problems your dog might be experiencing. If the dog is in pain it could pace and circle as it tries to work through its discomfort
It is likely a lack of exercise. Dogs should sleep at night, like their humans, if they have been properly worn out with the day's activities. 2 years is quite young, and dogs like
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