How to Identify Old Japanese Yen Paper Money?


Identifying old Japanese paper money may involve research about Japanese time periods and types of currency throughout the history of the Japanese culture. It can help to read about the Japanese yen online and to look at examples of Japanese paper money. The paper money of the Japanese yen began in 1872, so there are many years to research in order to understand its value, which may have a large range.
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1. Determine the period of the currency. Review the time of issuance to identify old Japanese paper money. Look for the time of the Meiji government, Dajokan satsu - 1868. In 1872
Value is a good thing and to find out just how good that old money is you could look in one of the many collector's guides frequently updated and published. You could also look online
The value would depend on the date of issue, denomination and condition.
Money. has value in its ability to buy the things we need / want - in its recognition as a widely accepted medium of exchange. Why use a specific type of. money. ? Because a government
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